Google Doodle: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Google is celebrating Leibniz’s 372nd birthday today, recognizing him for his writings on binary numbers and binary arithmetic:
Google Doodle for July 1, 2018 spells “Google”

The drawing shows the binary code for the ASCII characters that spell “Google”:

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Binary Code on the Pioneer 10 Spacecraft

The Pioneer 10 (also known as Pioneer F) spacecraft, launched in 1972 and now on a very long journey towards Taurus, has a plaque mounted on it which is designed to inform alien civilizations about the spacecraft’s origin. The plaque contains a diagram of our solar system, the trajectory of the spacecraft, a drawing of a man and woman, and groups of vertical and horizontal strokes — you guessed it, binary code — that gives information about how to find us:

Pioneer F Plaque Symbology thumbnail
Pioneer 10 Plaque (click image for higher resolution).

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