Floating-Point Error in the NPR Media Player

The NPR Media Player apparently uses floating-point numbers to represent timestamps, based on this image (click it to enlarge):

NaNs in NPR Media Player (thumbnail)
NaNs in NPR Media Player (click image to enlarge).

The counter displays NaN:NaN:NaN. It should show the current time count, like 01:12 (why it shows three NaNs instead of two I don’t know). NaN is the floating-point representation of “not a number,” which means something went wrong in their calculation of the timestamp.

This happened after I hibernated my computer and powered up, while the media player was paused.

(Maybe my blogging “will bring change” to the NPR Media Player 🙂 .)



  1. This happens to me all of the time. My NPR media player keeps freezing when a story is playing. I have no idea how to correct it…


  2. @Eli,

    I only get the “NaN” problem when I hibernate and restart my computer. If I press play again the story plays (from the beginning though). I contacted NPR, but their response was more or less a form letter.

    There is another problem I see that may be what you’re seeing. My player will stop 30 seconds into a story, and then when I play it a second time, it plays all the way through. Strange.

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