Googling ‘Binary’ Returns Count of Results In Binary

I just noticed something cute: if you Google binary, Google returns its count of results in binary. Here’s a screenshot:

Google Returns Count of Results In Binary

The first line says “About 0b1000110100100100110100000000 results”. '0b' is the prefix for binary constants; 1000110100100100110100000000 in binary equals 148,000,000 in decimal.

This appears only to work for the single term binary; multi-word terms like binary number return the count as normal. You have to be logged out of Google to see this.

(Interestingly, though I rank well for many binary-related terms, I’m essentially unranked for this term. My first hit is on page 35 of the search results — my binary-calculator!)

Update 11/15/12: This is known as an easter egg; this one has been around for at least eight months (for example, see this Youtube video: “Google Binary Easter Egg for Numeral Nerds”).



  1. Same for “hexadecimal”: “About 0x189ad40 results”, and “octal”: “About 0o67543500 results”. I can’t find any more (other than “decimal”, of course).

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