Exploring Binary Now Supports HTTPS

I recently upgraded my ten year old site to support HTTPS. (I’d been waiting for my Web host to support Let’s Encrypt, the free certificate authority.)

The address bar when browsing exploringbinary.com in Chrome

This site doesn’t process sensitive data like logins or credit cards, so technically HTTPS is not necessary. But Internet users have come to expect encryption for everything, including browsing a basic informational site like this one. Also, Google adds another incentive: they use HTTPS as a signal for search result rankings. In any case, using HTTPS makes a site look more modern.

I’ve removed all the “mixed content” warnings I could find, but please tell me if you find any. (A page with mixed content won’t have the “padlock” in the browser address bar.) Also tell me if you experience a degradation of performance (I have not).

Please consider changing your links to my site to use HTTPS: https://www.exploringbinary.com/…/. Old HTTP links will redirect to HTTPS, but direct links would be cleaner.


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