Many of my articles address common topics; I’ve grouped them here for your convenience.

Properties of the Powers of Two

Binary numbers are made of powers of two; these articles discuss their properties:

Properties of Binary Numbers

These articles discuss properties of binary numerals:

Binary Arithmetic

These articles discuss binary arithmetic:


These articles discuss bicimals, the binary equivalent of decimals:

Binary Palindromes

These articles discuss binary palindromes (numbers like 1001001):

Visualizing Binary Numbers

These articles discuss ways to visualize binary numbers:

Correctly Rounded Decimal to Floating-Point Conversion

These articles discuss conversion of decimal strings to floating-point binary numbers:

Correctly Rounded Floating-Point to Decimal Conversion

These articles discuss conversion of floating-point binary numbers to decimal strings:

Printing the Contents of a Floating-Point Variable

These articles show different ways to display the exact contents of an IEEE 754 floating-point variable:

The Theory Behind Round-Trip Floating-Point Conversions

These articles discuss the mathematics that govern round-trip floating-point conversions:

Length Of Numbers In Decimal Vs. Binary

These articles discuss the length of numbers when expressed in decimal vs. binary:

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