Google Doodle: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Google is celebrating Leibniz’s 372nd birthday today, recognizing him for his writings on binary numbers and binary arithmetic:
Google Doodle for July 1, 2018 spells “Google”

The drawing shows the binary code for the ASCII characters that spell “Google”:

01000111 01100111
01101111 01101100
01101111 01100101

(The last ‘1’ is unfinished in the drawing.)

Converted to decimal it reads

71  103
111 108
111 101

Converted to letters by looking up in an ASCII table it reads

G g
o l
o e

(Here are two of his papers to check out: De Progressione Dyadica and Explication de l’Arithmétique Binaire.)



  1. Since you used to work for IBM, you should also include an EBCDIC version of “Google” :).
    If I’m reading the tables right . . .
    11000111 10010110 10010110 10000111 10010011 100001001

  2. @Jeff AKA 01001010 01100101 01100110 01100110,

    Looks right except for the last one (not 100001001; should be 10000101). Not that I memorized EBCDIC — I am relying on an online table.

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